Post Apocalyptic Series #2

We continue our series in the Post Apocalyptic Adventures

We traveled into the woods to find this spot, where 2 mysterious abandoned cars were located. No one knows who left them here, why they were left here, and how long they were left here. It is however apparent that they have been here for some time!

A warrior of many travels, picks up talents along the way! Sometimes, it’s great to sit down and rest, entertain yourself with music from the old days!

Will he find someone to share the music with or will he wander the plane playing for himself?

After a long day traveling in the heat, all he wanted was something strong to drink. As the end continues, so does the emptiness of his flask. He drinks until there is nothing left, just like the world!

Surrendering yourself and working together is a viable option in a harsh environment. You’re either a captive foe or an ally. Which would you choose?

Everyone must find a way to survive. If you don’t, your own end is near!

After all, is said and done for the day, “She loves the smell of Napalm in the morning”

Without a true civilization one must protect themselves at every cost, finding old relics to take shelter in. But once the ammo is gone it cannot be recovered. It too shall be lost with time with the rest of the world!

Apocalypse is a frame of mind. [Nicodemus] said then a belief. A surrender to inevitability. It is a dispair for the future. It is the death of Hope.

Jim Butcher

You must be a warror, a survivalist!

And in the end we come together, because we’ve already fought ourselves and lost! Ever wondered what happened to that lone warrior playing his songs? Was he doomed to walk the world forever alone?

It does seem like he found someone to share his music with, someone to create new tunes with to sing along to.

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