Photo Blog

Welcome to my Photo Blog Series! This is a small collection of my personal travels and photography for Fun! 

  • Lake Cottage Content House
    This was my first content house party / event! 5 models and 3 photographers made for a perfect mix! The lakeside cottage had many rooms and scenic features! We did get rained on but continue reading / viewing because the rain DID NOT stop me! The Siren Sisters! No siren did ever so charm the … Read more
  • Post Apocalyptic Series #2
    We continue our series in the Post Apocalyptic Adventures We traveled into the woods to find this spot, where 2 mysterious abandoned cars were located. No one knows who left them here, why they were left here, and how long they were left here. It is however apparent that they have been here for some … Read more
  • Silver Springs State Park, Florida
    Today I decided to go on a little adventure. Even though I don’t live far from this place, it has been years since I have last visit. This is truly a hidden gem in the heart of the nature scene in North Central Florida. Silver Springs has a long rich history that dates back over 10,000 years! … Continue Reading >Silver Springs State Park, Florida
  • Post Apocalyptic PhotoShoot
    A dramatic statement of a post apocalyptic world, where both the young and old struggle to survive. … Continue Reading >Post Apocalyptic PhotoShoot